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10 Reviews of the Novation MiniNova
(03/17) Want to know what the experts think about the Novation MiniNova Synth? Here are 10 short reviews with the most important quotes from the expert reviews, that's all you really need to know, of course y
Focusrite FORTE USB Audio Interface at Red Bull Studio LA
(03/06) Everyone knows that Red Bull is more than just an energy drink, right? As one of the world's biggest and best known brands, their influence is everywhere, from sports teams and the wacky Red Bull Flug
Novation Free LaunchPad iPad downdload for iPad // Free Download
(03/01) Want a free LaunchPad? Novation is giving them away for free in the app store for your iPad.The Novation Launchpad is an easy to use app for iPad that will have you making beats and music instantly. I
Dave Mustain Double Neck Guitar - Dean Guitars
(01/24) At namm 2013 Dean Guitars and Dave Mustain launched a signature guitar that will be available as a signature model from guitar stores. Dave has been with dean guitars for years. Dave: "attention to de
Allen & Heath - ME Personal Mixing Monitoring System for Musicians
(01/24) Allen & Heath has launched the new ME Personal Mixing System, a next generation personal monitoring solution, universally compatible with Allen & Heath and other pro digital mixers. Central to the ME
Adrian Belew Signature Pitch Guitar Effect Pedal - DigiTech iStomp (01/24)
IK Multimedia iLoud - Portable stereo speakers - Guitar/iPhone amp (01/23)
Novation LaunchKey iPad Keyboard, Studio MIDI controller (01/16)
Recording Vocals and Guitar: SCARLETT 2i2 (01/10)
TC Electronic BG250 Bass Amp, Video YouTube (05/21)
Want to open a Concert for SLASH? Contest! (05/10)
F-120 Digital Piano, Roland with Supreme Touch (05/05)
Megadeth David Ellefson iPad Rock Shop app: Practice Studio Bass/Guitar (05/01)
JUPITER-80 Synthesizer Keyboard V2 from Roland (04/30)
IK DJ Rig FREE version pro DJ mixing app software for iPhone (04/27)
Guitar god Zakk Wylde - New book: Metal to the children (04/25)
Guitar Poly Tuning with your iPhone/iPad imroved, Version 1.1 (04/19)
NewJackson Chris Broderick Soloist 7 String Guitar (04/17)
Rewatch Metal Masters 3 (04/13)
bx_rockrack Guitar Amp plugin, preview (04/12)
Line6 firmware update VARIAX Guitar 1.8 (04/06)
Producer Simon Franglen,Avatar, Madonna, Titanic, choses sE-X1 (04/05)
Allen & Heath XD2-53 XONE DJ Headphones improved (04/04)
Ableton and SoundCloud leading Social sound platform partner (04/02)
Spring Tank GuitarReverb pedal for the DigiTech iStomp (03/26)
Focusrite SCARLETT 2i2 Stunning USB Audio Interface (02/02)
SSL Delta-Link MADI HD, Pro Tools Support (06/21)
Moog Phatty OS v.3.1 update for Analog Synthesizers (06/20)
DigiTech iPB-10 iPad Pedalboard Guitar Effect (06/20)
Sax Jazz Legend Courtney Pine and GEMINI II, 4400, sE4, Z5600a, RNR1 Studio Mics (06/08)
Dynaudio Acoustics M3A Bundle 4 x 2,300 watts Perfect Monitors (06/07)
Focusrite Studio USB Soundcard SCARLETT 8i6 18i6 Now Available (06/07)
Drumming legend Morgan Agren Recording with sE4400a, T2, RNR1 and GEMINI-II (06/06)
Hoodgrown Hip Hop Magazine now free for iPad iPhone and iPod (06/06)
IK 1.3 ARC Room Correction Software for Studio Recording (06/05)
Voxengo Tube Amp 2.3 AU and VST free plugin (06/04)
Singing Phenomenon Adele tour with iLive Digital Mixing System (06/03)
IK T-RackS mixing plugins Black76, White2A (06/03)
SPL NEOS First 120V Mixer, 125 dB dynamic range (06/03)
Beyerdynamic new Touring Gear Microphones (06/01)
Antares ATG-6, pitch correction for Guitar! (05/30)
FL Studio 10.0.2 Music Production Software Update (05/27)
IK Multimedia iKlip: iPad and iPad2 Microphone Stand Adapter (05/27)
Applied Acoustics Systems Swatches Soundbank Update (05/26)
Donal Hodgson Millennia HV-35 Mic Preamp working with Sting (05/26)
Nashville TonePrints for TC Electronic guitar effect pedals (05/26)
AmpliTube 2.2 Guitar rig, Recording studio for iPhone iPod touch iPad (05/26)
TC Helicon VoiceJam 1.2 iPhone, iPod and iPad app (05/25)
Available now! Polyphonic Tuner Pedal, HardWire HT-6 (05/23)
New PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Recording and Live Mixer (05/22)


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KAWAI Digital Piano 330
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Samick Digital Piano SXP 501 or 511
Singing is my religion
My Dream
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4) Recording Producing Dance and Techno Music
5) the complete DJ Guide: Scratching, Rhythms, Beat Matching, DJ Gear and Software and much more
6) Computer Audio & Music Recording Course
7) 5 String Bass Guitar Method
8) 5 String Bass Scales PRO: Online reference + course
9) 5 String Bass Chords PRO: Online reference + course
10) 6 String Bass Chords PRO: 1 million, Online Course and ANY Tuning
11) 6 String Bass Guitar Method
12) 6 String Bass Scales PRO Online reference, course and lessons for any TUNING
13) Bass Chords PRO: Every chord on bass guitar
14) Easy Bass Chords 1 Online Bass Chord Book and Course
15) Advanced Bass Guitar 1: Techniques Tricks and Tips
16) Bass Scales PRO: Bass Scale Dictionary & Course
17) Reading Bass Sheet Music, Bass Guitar Tab/Tablature and Bass Symbols
18) Reading Bass Sheet Music, Bass Guitar Tab/Tablature and Bass Symbols
19) Bass Guitar Blues Basics Method/Course
20) Advanced Blues Bass Guitar Method/Course
21) Bass Ear Training Method: Perfect Pitch, Intervals, Chords and Scales
22) Online Jazz Bass Guitar Basics Course/Method
23) Jazz Bass Chords PRO Online Charts, Diagrams, Lessons, Sheet Music
24) Bass Guitar Metal Basics Method/Course
25) Bass Guitar Music Theory basics
26) Bass Guitar Music Theory basics
27) Punk Bass Guitar Method/Course including Bass Tabs
28) Bass Guitar Rock Basics Method/Course
29) Bass Songwriting: writing Bass lines, Riffs and Chord progressions
30) Bass Monster Speed/Perfect Technique Training System
31) Advanced Music Theory
32) Drums & Percussion: Rhythms!
33) Easy Drum Method 2: Techniques and Rhythms
34) Easy Drum Method 2: Techniques and Rhythms
35) Online Jazz Drum Basics Course for Drummers
36) Rock Drum Method and Rock Rhythms
37) Mandolin Scales Book PRO and Mandolin Scale Charts
38) Mandolin Chord Book PRO and Mandolin Chord Charts
39) Mandolin Chords + Scales PRO: chord and scale dictionary book
40) Music Theory Made Easy!
41) Free Bass Guitar Lessons Demo Course
42) Free Drum Lessons Demo Course
Piano Keyboard Scales: End of the Course
Congratulations you have reached the end of this course. By now you should be able to play and use all standard scales and modes. And what is more important, you should now be able to analyze, use and
Note Ranges of Instruments
Studio Recording Basics
Recording Music: how to record those tracks
Recording Software: selecting and buying the right program
Voice Recording: quick start guide
Setting up a Home Recording Studio: Software and Microphone
Track Recording: Quick start guide
How to become a Home Recording Engineer
introduction to Surround Sound
the 5.1 Surround Sound format
the 6.1 Surround Sound format
the 7.1 Surround Sound format
Digital Audio Formats
End of the Bass Chords PRO Course
Piano Blues Chords: End of the Course
Effects and Effect Processors for Live Sound
PA Cables and Connections
Amplifying Acoustic Instruments Live
Amplifying Drums and Percussion Live
Read Guitar Tabs Chords Online
Guitar Chords: How to remember every popular Chord
How to play Acoustic Guitar: Quickstart, Tips and Tricks
How to play Electric Guitar: Quick start, tips and tricks
Mixing Surround Sound
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